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Cimmyt Interactives and app

International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT)

ROLES: UX Director, Creative Director

For the 50th anniversary of this NGO the challenge was to show and explain the history of humankind’s relationship with corn and wheat and the Institute’s role, in a succinct, engaging and meaningful way to a broad audience.

Close work with the client on concept, ideation, art direction and content included whiteboard sessions and a detailed planning process.

Part of the solution was a bilingual interactive, gesture-enabled story in the form of a timeline, layered to work on a variety of levels from a cursory overview to casual browsing to an in-depth and extended reading.

Simple UI cues lead to rich sidebar content like videos, animations and interactive maps.

Another part of the solution was a bilingual cross-platform mobile app, automatically communicating with iBeacons in the museum and around the campus to enable a self-guided facilities tour.

Elsewhere, a mutli-user multi-touch map and dashboards offer insights into the present and future of the institution.

The result is an elegantly simple and effective way to introduce the Institute, viewed by thousands of school children
and hundreds of scientists, dignitaries and other visitors.